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Have a fresh experience with modern South Asian art and the specialized expertise you need to confidently acquire art you love. 

Build a deeper connection with the art that speaks to you.

Sunderlande is an art agency that handles inspirational and high caliber work from leading South Asian artists, supporting the finest collections and helping build beautiful new ones. We work closely with leading curators, engage in defining discussions, and support emerging insights and revelations around South Asia’s art movement.


Featured Art


Mother and Child

Jamini Roy

A very early impressionist – style painting by the most iconic Bengal school painter.

Jagdish Swaminathan

Bird Tree Mountain Series

A classic composition by a reclusive artist soars within its minimalist composition.

Art by Jagdish Swaminathan

Meet Priyanka Mathew

Sunderlande’s Principal Partner is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced specialists in South Asian art with a career that spans two decades. Drawing on her extensive background as a former Senior International Specialist and lead auctioneer for the South Asian department at Sotheby’s, Priyanka bridges the worlds of art and finance with a unique lens that allows her to both evaluate artwork and read value trends effectively. With this unique lens, she connects collectors from all backgrounds with art that speaks directly to them. 

Featured News


June 22, 2021

Sunderlande Creates The Sona Art Program

Sunderlande is delighted to partner with one of the most exciting recent additions to the New York restaurant scene, SONA.

January 24, 2021

Shifts in the Global Art Ecosystem from 2020

Fundamental Changes In The Art Ecosystem with TAP India, Priyanka Mathew, and Boon Hui Tan.


June 13, 2020

The State of Art in the Post-Covid World

As we all adapt to the changes brought by 2020, and reconcile what’s now normal with business and life, the art world is adapting and evolving as well.

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