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Sunderlande is an Art Agency that offers the highest caliber Modern South Asian Art

We provide consultancy services for private collections, galleries, and international auction houses. Sunderlande curates selected artworks for historicity, provenance, and value from the most important collections in the pantheon of South Asian Art. We are known for our thought leadership in the field of art.  

We help clients buy, sell, and value works of art for their collections using the most current expertise and the latest trends and valuations. 


Priyanka Mathew

Principal Partner

Priyanka Mathew brings a unique flair for helping clients connect the dots between historic significance, monetary value, and emotional connection with works from leading South Asian artists. With a career spanning two decades in the international auction and gallery worlds, the former Senior International Specialist and lead auctioneer for the South Asian department at Sotheby’s believes deeply in connecting people with art that speaks to them.

At Sotheby’s she was responsible for market-changing auction records like Amrita Shergil’s Self Portrait that sold for $2.9m which set a world record price for a female South Asian modern painter. She has worked with the most prominent collections spread over the globe and has brought to market key paintings such as the ‘Blue Tyeb’ from the Glenberra Museum of Art in Japan and Gaitonde’s paintings No. 1 and No. 3. Ms. Mathew has also worked on the auctions of critical and market-defining collections such as the Amaya Collection.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Ms. Mathew entered the finance field as an analyst at Lehman Brothers and then at Goldman Sachs. After 5 years in the investment banking field, she left to join the Indian art world as the director of Aicon Gallery, a leading gallery showcasing modern South Asian Art. Under her tenure, Aicon became the largest gallery for South Asian Art in the world, operating in New York, Palo Alto, and London. Ms. Mathew joined Sotheby’s in 2010 and in 2012 was initiated as their first South Asian auctioneer in their 272-year history.

She leads Sunderlande in evaluating and promoting the best of South Asian Modern Art with an eye on quality and store of future value.

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