Jamini Roy (1887 - 1972)

5 Women

Gauche on Paperboard

15 x 10 in.

Signed in Bengali Lower Right

The three works on view here, all stunningly powerful depictions of female forms in various incarnations rooted in Bengali folk culture, form a magnificent triumvirate representing one of Jamini Roy’s most iconic and widely beloved subject matters. In them, one sees Roy’s masterful juxtaposition of rich earthy colors as well his unparalleled economy of line and style front and center; two defining qualities of his unique synthesis of folk art and Modernism which would revolutionize the course of 20th century Indian painting. Roy’s works possess an immediate and rare vitality, with their strength and popularity owed to the vividness of expression in his conceptual clarity and linear simplicity.


Born in West Bengal, Roy began his career painting in the post-impressionistic genre of landscapes and portraits, keeping in line with his British academic training, before eventually developing a new visual language rooted in folk tradition, where he substituted the conventions of ‘high art’ for the rustic pictorial language of Kalighat painting. Throughout his life, Roy’s prolific output lead to his unique vision of Indian Modernism becoming immensely popular across Indian society and thus a defining visual foundation for the country’s new art.

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