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Paresh Maity (b.1965)


Watercolor on Paper

36 x 23 in.

Circa 2001

Throughout Paresh Maity’s career, hypnotic watercolor renderings of boats, harbors, and ports have remained a central recurring motif. Indeed, as Maity himself has stated, watercolors have always remained “the heart and soul” of his prolific output, and he has demonstrated a mastery of the medium which few of his contemporaries can claim. These deftly painted ethereal scenes, exemplified by the work on view here, symbolize not only Maity’s passion for travel and discovery but the ongoing exploration of textures and techniques that has driven his practice for the last two decades. Here, Maity exhibits his virtuosity in the use of subdued naturalistic  color and brashly delineated forms to present us with a simultaneously serene yet somewhat haunting scene. Rendered in Maity’s singular evocative style, a single boat washed ashore and set against a foreboding stormy sky is dramatized by the absence of any human presence and becomes the primary focus of our contemplation and conjecture as to its origins, its story, and ultimately its fate.


Born in 1965 and raised in the small town of Tamluk outside Kolkata, Maity has traveled the globe extensively, developing his unique style of painting across multiple subjects and styles, from landscape and still-life, to figurative and Expressionist works.

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